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Математички Калкулатор CASIO FX-220PLUS-2-S-EH

Математички Калкулатор CASIO FX-220PLUS-2-S-EH


CASIO Математички Калкулатор FX-220PLUS-2-S-EH – високавалитетен и долготраен.

Има дисплеј во 2 реда, 181 различнa функциja (математички , тригонометриски) и е идеален за покомплицирани математички операции.

Батерија: АА

Тежина: 150 g


Детални информации:

  • New: Two-Line display
  • New: S.V.P.A.M.
  • New: Random Integer
  • New: Mode/menu settings for contrast and auto power off
  • 18 levels of parenthesis
  • Fraction calculations
  • Percentage calculations
  • Sexagesimal to decimal conversion and vice versa
  • Trigonometric and invers trigonometric functions
  • Hyperbolic and invers hyperbolic functions
  • Common and natural logarithms
  • Exponents
  • Square roots, Cube root, Square, Reciprocal and Factorial
  • Random numbers
  • Rounding
  • Statistics
  • Engeneering notation
  • Specification of the number of decimal places or significant digits (FIX, SCI)
  • Exponential Display format (Norm1/2)
  • Polar/Rectangular conversions
  • Permutation and combination
  • Standard deviation